September 22, 2020

PrepaTec at Tecnológico de Monterrey

Jennifer worked with PrepaTec, the networks of advanced high schools run by the Tecnologico de Monterrey (Mexico), over the course of three summers.  Because PrepaTec was designed to give students a “head start” in preparation for university-level work at the Tecnologico, they were looking for deep and ongoing work with teachers to help shift instructional practices toward student-centered learning and innovation. 

Each summer, Jennifer gave two-day workshops on Global Project-Based Learning on at least two campuses, for teachers drawn from all campuses.  In years two and three, she offered advanced workshops for teachers who had spent a year or more implementing PBL, and in year three she also participated in PrepaTec’s annual conference, offering several short workshops on global education and competency development.

Through these efforts, Jennifer supported PrepaTec in the development, maintenance and continual improvement of project-based courses in various parts of the curriculum.  PrepaTec has seen a significant leap in teachers’ and students’ 21st century skills as a result of this work, and in the use of strategies which foster innovation and solutions-oriented thinking in all learners.

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