July 22, 2022

Newport School

Jennifer began working with the Newport School, in Bucaramanga, Colombia, in the fall of 2020. Working closely with the Newport leadership team, Jennifer continues to provide strategic coaching for leaders, workshops in Project-Based Learning for teachers, and coaching for every grade-level team.

In year one, the primary goal was to support the entire community as they learned to design and implement high-quality PBL experiences for students. Working closely with Jill Ackers for support in early education, Jennifer supported teachers in topics like interdisciplinary project development, alignment of standards and other learning goals, fostering autonomy and other essential skills for our times, evaluation, and more. She also gave one talk for Newport parents, to help them understand the urgency of the move toward student-centered learning.

In year two, in addition to continued work on foundational topics like those addressed in year one, Jennifer supported Newport leaders and faculty as they moved toward more student-led documentation and project management, deeper global and local partnerships for learning, and student-led conferences. Monthly coaching with leaders and grade-level teams continues to be complemented by workshops for teachers and parents.

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