September 22, 2020

Madeira School

Jennifer worked with teachers and administrators at the Madeira School (Virginia, USA), in her role as Director of Educational Development for the World Leadership School.  The span of work included 28 days on campus over the course of one school year, plus weekly online meetings with a core team of teachers and leaders involved in coordinating the school’s shift toward Global Project-Based Learning.  As Madeira School has an international reputation for its rigorous college-preparatory program for high school girls, Jennifer’s support was designed to improve the authenticity of learning experiences and the use of student-centered strategies, without hurting academic levels nor students’ ability to express their learning in more traditional ways.

Most in-person visits included a variety of strategies, including full-faculty workshops, focused work with the core leadership team, teacher coaching by grade level, small-group workshops, and continual focus groups to check understanding and support participants through their challenges.  Jennifer worked closely with the core team on major schedule changes and other logistical supports needed to support the pedagogical shift. Jennifer also met with student groups to gauge and respond to students’ perceptions of the shift, and with administrators to gauge and respond to parents’ concerns.

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