September 22, 2020

Appleby College

Jennifer worked with Appleby College (Canada) as a consultant and coach over the course of six years in her role as Director of Educational Development at World Leadership School, with a focus on global education and deep inclusivity in an intercultural context.  Each year, Jennifer traveled to Ontario to deliver a half-day workshop for all faculty and a half-day workshop for new faculty, in addition to 1-2 days of individualized coaching for teachers and project teams.  She ran focus groups with students and faculty during her visits as well, to help identify areas of challenge and strategies for addressing them.

During her off-site work, Jennifer supported new faculty’s growth with global education through a series of online workshops given over the course of the year, and she did long-term coaching with 5-10 new and experienced teachers annually to grow their practice and develop global partnerships.

Each summer, Appleby sent 5-10 teachers on professional development programs with Jennifer, to countries including Costa Rica, Peru, Belize and Cuba.  In these programs, teachers were challenged to live in rural homestay settings and learn from these communities, alongside experiential workshops on project-based learning, intercultural collaboration, local leaders, and more.  These immersive experiences helped teachers make deeper, more significant shifts in their classroom practice, as well as preparing them to lead student groups on similar experiences.

Because of the success of her work with Appleby College, the school chose Jennifer as a keynote speaker for the Canadian Association of Independent Schools’ Annual Conference for leaders, as well as for their annual conference for English teachers.

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