September 22, 2020

Bumpe High School and Regional Elementaries

Jennifer worked with teachers and students at Bumpe High School and from several regional elementary schools in the Bumpe Ngao Chiefdom (Sierra Leone).  Over the course of 10+ years, Jennifer coached Hindogbae Kposowa, a young leader in the community who helped facilitate teacher growth and global partnerships for students in his community.  She also spent two weeks in the region in 2014, giving workshops for teachers and students on project-based learning, global education, and fostering community leadership skills.

Jennifer’s work in Sierra Leone continues, and it goes well beyond educational development alone. In partnership with Hindo and the Sierra Leone Rising Foundation, Jennifer has helped the community make numerous global connections that have supported community development projects, she helped to raise funds through school partnerships during the Ebola crisis, and she even brought Hindo to Colombia as a keynote speaker for the Revolution in Education Conference in 2019. Thanks in part to her networking and support of youth leaders, the Bumpe community now has several social projects in place, including the production of sanitary pads so that girls can stay in school, new fruit orchards to provide food and income, and new community infrastructure to replace buildings destroyed during the war.

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