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Principled Learning Strategies works with schools, organizations and networks at all levels, to build participant-centered, purpose-driven practices and culturally-responsive communities that foster the competencies our times demand.

Teacher Workshop in Global Education and Project Based Learning; Bumpe, Sierra Leone, 2014.

We support students, teachers, and leaders at all levels through practical, personalized learning experiences.

All Principled Learning Strategies services are catered to the specific needs of each community, ensuring that workshops and coaching experiences lead to significant, immediate shifts in practice.

  • Workshops for Teachers and Leaders designed to be inspiring, practical, and transformative. Specialties include Project-Based Learning, Design Thinking, Culturally-Responsive Education, and more.
  • Coaching for Teachers and Leaders designed to support project development and deep school change over time.
  • Leadership Workshops for school, district and organizational leaders interested in finding ways to better support transformative learning experiences in their communities.
  • Student "Purpose Orientation" designed to provide guidance as young people make university and career choices, apply to institutions of higher learning, and more.

We have worked with over 150 schools around the world, both as internal leaders and external consultants.


We have worked with schools and communities on five continents, including Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America.

Students Impacted

We have impacted the education of over 10,000 students around the world, helping them find purpose and build the skills our times demand.


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Our Values

We believe that a globally-connected, locally-relevant education founded in purpose and participation forms leaders prepared to meet the challenges of our times.

The world is facing more challenges than we have people with the skills and knowledge to solve them. Principled Learning Strategies is helping to change that, one classroom at a time.

  • Globally-connected learning ensures students, teachers and leaders develop intercultural competencies, understand the interconnection of local and global challenges, and engage the world in compassionate and equitable ways.
  • Locally-relevant learning motivates a sense of agency and meaning that improves learning outcomes and ensures that intercultural and problem-solving skills are applied locally as much as globally.
  • Student-centered education founded in participation ensures deep engagement and the development of key competencies for our times, including collaboration, problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, communication, and more.
  • Fostering a sense of purpose in everything we do helps young people and adults stay motivated, dedicated, and self disciplined as they develop direction in their education and lives.
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We bring authenticity to workshops and coaching, ensuring relevance and impact.

Professional development experiences are often too far removed from the realities of the classroom experience. We believe that only by engaging in relevant, authentic challenges and globally-connected learning themselves can educators shift their practice and build the skills they seek to foster in their students. We balance theory with practice in order to ensure quick and lasting impact in the classroom and across the school culture.

We leverage our networks and alliances to support you and your community.

Each member of our team leverages a global network of schools, organizations and experts, all of whom are working to improve the world in their own way. Whether our clients need more resources for Project-Based Learning, are seeking potential global partners for classroom and school-wide learning experiences, need support for infrastructural redesign, are seeking coaching for facilitating "brave conversations" on race and other facets of identity, or need support helping parents and other stakeholders see the value of school change, we will leverage our networks and alliances to help clear your community's path toward success.


My school life was completely changed after Jennifer's addition to the school. She brought humanity, self-awareness and awoke our sense of individual and collective responsibility in Caobos. She made us feel important and heard since day one...


Ms. Jennifer Klein is one of the most innovative and inspiring educators that I have met in my professional career...


Jennifer Klein is an amazing educator and facilitator. I have been able to witness incredible transformations in teachers...


After working with Jennifer and Global PBL, our instructional coaches and curricular leaders were supported with strategies in facilitation and planning to help teachers develop intentional project based learning units with relevant launches to engage students in developing social and global awareness - uncovering the purpose and value of what they were learning, while empowering them to own the learning process.


I feel hopeful. It has maximized my hope for a brighter future where students are prepared for the present and the future...

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