Sierra Leone Rising

After attending Jennifer Klein's workshop on Project Based Learning in Bumpe, Sierra Leone - West Africa in 2014, I have come to learn that teaching should be a way that encourages students to explore solutions on their own. It is now clear to me that Project Based Learning brings opportunities for our communities to experience various kinds of innovations that solves community challenges from youngsters. It is an honor that she has empowered us to train the next generation of leaders and fostered global citizenship. 

Before the intervention of Jennifer Klein's Principled Learning Strategies, students were taught to memorize facts and re-write the same facts during exams. Their liberties in finding solutions to class given problems were directed solely by teachers. Now, students are given the opportunity to explore on their own which brings unique experiences outside the classroom.  

I feel hopeful. It has maximized my hope for a brighter future where students are prepared for the present and the future.

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Jennifer Klein is an amazing educator and facilitator. I have been able to witness incredible transformations in teachers...
After working with Jennifer and Global PBL, our instructional coaches and curricular leaders were supported with strategies in facilitation and planning to help teachers develop intentional project based learning units with relevant launches to engage students in developing social and global awareness - uncovering the purpose and value of what they were learning, while empowering them to own the learning process.
My professional development experience in Cuba with Jennifer was life-changing. Her passion for and dedication to global education reignited a flame in me that ultimately led to significant changes in my professional and personal paths.
Before working with Jennifer, global education was primarily expressed through international travel programs and was overseen primarily by the Global Education department. Through the years working with Jennifer, and continuing since, global education has become woven into the perspectives and approaches to learning across grades and subject areas as a fully embedded curriculum.
Ms. Jennifer Klein is one of the most innovative and inspiring educators that I have met in my professional career...
After a year of work with Jennifer D. Klein, as the principal at Gimnasio Los Caobos, I could tell GLC has gone through a transformative change where both PBL and global education are at its heart...
My school life was completely changed after Jennifer's addition to the school. She brought humanity, self-awareness and awoke our sense of individual and collective responsibility in Caobos. She made us feel important and heard since day one...