Panel at ReLearn2020: Young social entrepreneurs exercising The Power Of Us

Jennifer D. Klein

Young social entrepreneurs exercising The Power Of Us, [Re]Learn 2020

David Price's new book, The Power Of Us, argues that the post-Covid world will need the generation currently in school/college to fix, not just future pandemics, but a daunting collection of urgent societal challenges. How do we help a new generation of social entrepreneurs develop the skills, values and attitudes they'll need to fix the world? After a short provocation, David Price will talk to 15 year-old Colombian social Entrepreneur, Sofia Leal. How did her school support her internationally recognized initiative, 'Neigloo'? What kind of support do her peers need in order to work together on socially purposeful projects?  In the panel discussion that follows, Christopher Pommerening (himself a millennial entrepreneur, and Founder of LearnLife) and Sofia's former Principal, Jennifer D. Klein on how we create systems that transform student social entrepreneurship from an exception to an entitlement. Facilitated by Alex Bell.

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