Favorite #GlobalEd Resources this Week

Jennifer D. Klein

Excellent resources for globally-minded educators cross my desk fairly often these days, so I’m going to make an effort to share my favorites every few weeks.  This week, I’d like to share three new favorites. #1:  Barefoot World Atlas is an incredible application for elementary-age students to explore the world.  While it is only available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, it provides an incredibly interactive and compelling way of exploring the world.  Incorporating music, culture, animals, history, geography and MUCH more, this is a must-try for any iPad classrooms or homes trying to go global.  I certainly know that my nieces can’t put it down once they get started exploring the world!

#2:  If It Were My Home is an awesome tool which allows students to compare countries and understand economic and social differences.  This very kid-friendly site offers endless classroom applications for many grade levels, and can really help our students understand how much the “accident of birth” impacts our experiences.

#3:  We Found Love is a compelling, moving glimpse of the way music allows us to connect across cultures in authentic and powerful ways.  As a child of the arts myself, I find these kinds of resources not only serve to give kids an authentic sense of people and places around the world, but will also stir their hearts, connecting them emotionally to the larger human experience.

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