Meeting in the Middle: Avoiding Equity Pitfalls to Build Culturally-Responsive Global Projects (iEARN)

2021 (Time, Date and Location to be Determined)
Speaker / Host:
Jennifer D. Klein

Meeting in the Middle: Avoiding Equity Pitfalls to Build Culturally-Responsive Global Projects (iEARN)

More and more teachers across the K-12 spectrum are looking for global partnerships for their students, ideally classrooms in other parts of the world that are interested in collaborative learning.  Students want direct engagement with their peers around the world, and creating opportunities for deep collaboration with other global classrooms can help students develop the kinds of intercultural skills they will need to become leaders of constructive change. As global education increases in popularity and importance in schools across the world, it becomes increasingly urgent that educators make intentional and thoughtful choices in order to avoid paradigms of inequity, exploitation and self interest which do more to hurt global relationships than help.  What does it mean to develop an international experience in which students see themselves as equal partners in global change? When we develop global partnerships with classrooms and communities around the world, how can we be more conscientious about the educational needs and curricular demands on all sides, so that we can develop mutually beneficial, culturally-responsive experiences for all involved? This session will explore a variety of strategies for developing equitable global projects, and for building the kinds of culturally-responsive relationships among teachers and students which help humanize the world and foster equity-oriented global competencies.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Understand the causes of inequitable global project design and the rationale for culturally-responsive relationship building
  • Understand and see examples of the key equity pitfalls that can undermine global relationships
  • Explore classroom strategies for avoiding equity pitfalls, including how to incorporate culturally-responsive pedagogy into global projects
  • Explore examples of equitable, culturally-responsive global projects
  • Reflect on participants’ global projects, including open discussion of equity challenges and how they might be handled in the future

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